An Open Letter to my Grands

family Jul 23, 2020
Open letter to my grandchildren

Dear five favorite little people on the planet: 

I always said that being a mom and raising your dads was my absolute most favorite role. It gave me so much pride and I really loved every single day of it.

But that was before you guys came along.

I’d heard things about how great it was to be a grandma and I knew how much my grandmas loved me. But nothing and I mean NOTHING could have prepared me for the love that I feel for you 5. And where being a mom was my favorite role in life, now being a grandma is my favorite role. I feel so grateful to have that role for the rest of my life. And I plan to be around for a long long time – to see your weddings and meet my great grandchildren.

Know This...

I want everything for you guys. And I will do everything and anything I can along the way to help you make “all of the things” happen.

But as I think about your futures (at the time of this you’re 8, 7, almost 5, almost 3 and 18 months old, here’s what I want you to know for now.

You Guys Have All Been Blessed with a Ton of Personality - Don't Change

Each and every one of you is sassy and confident and full of personality. Sometimes your parents roll their eyes or might even put you in time out because you took your sass a little too far. I’m here to tell you…it’s okay. You come by it honestly. Have you met your parents? 

Don’t change a thing. STAY SASSY!!!

I Will Always Drop Whatever it is I'm Doing If You Need Me

You just call and I’ll be there.

Be Grateful for Your Village

You guys are really really lucky kids. Not everyone has the village that you do. It’s not just me that would drop everything if you needed something. You’ve got your other grandparents and great grandparents. Aunts and uncles. Cousins. And a village of friends who are like family and who love you kiddos as if you were a blood relative.

Don’t ever be afraid to reach out to any member of your village.

I Will Always Back Up Your Parents

You guys have incredible parents. And, as you get older, you might not always agree with them.

I’ll listen and hear your side of it. I’ll even give you cookies and hot chocolate while you tell me the story. But, at the end of the day, I will back up your parents. 

Be Accountable

You are going to make mistakes along the way and maybe do or say a thing or two that you might regret. We’ve all been there and done it.

Own it. Don’t make excuses. Own it, fix it, apologize and mean it, and move on.

Keep Being Best Friends With Your Siblings and Your Cousins

One of the things that makes me the happiest as a mom is that your dads love spending time together. Your siblings and your cousins are your first best friends. Of course you’re going to have arguments. But make up and hold each other close. No one knows what it’s like to be a part of this crazy family better than any of them do. 

This post is the catalyst for me to start a separate open letter for each of you. One that I can add to as you and I both get older. In the meantime, live, laugh, love and


With all of my love,